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Please Download and complete a Timesheet

Greetings to our employees,

Please click here to download a timesheet

We are pleased to inform you that we have made some updates to our timesheet submission process. You can now submit signed copies of your timesheets in scanned PDF format using a scanner or a scanning app on your smartphone. This new feature will make the payroll process much easier for those of you who have smartphones. Of course, we will still accept timesheets sent via post.

Submitting your timesheet in scanned PDF format has many advantages, including certainty of receipt, cost savings on postage, a history of your submissions, and the possibility of having your weekend work days included in the next week’s payment run (if applicable).

For employees with smartphones, we recommend downloading Tiny PDF Scanner, a free app that has been tested and approved by us. Please follow the easy instructions below to download and start using it:

Apple Store here:

Android users here:

Once you have taken the Scan please send timesheets to your consultant’s email address by 12:00pm Monday for payment to be processed.

To be paid promptly, please ensure your completed timesheet meets the following requirements:

  • Please scan the front page only if if is signed off
  • Please only send PDFs, our payroll system will not recognise pictures
  • Only send your email once
  • Only send one image per attachment – please do not scan 2 timesheets as one page
  • If you have emailed your timesheets, please do not also post a copy

The quality of the scan is crucial in this process. If the scan is unreadable, it will be impossible for us to decipher it as well. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the scan is of the highest quality, which will ensure that you receive your payment on time.


OptimumCare4u Team

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